Workshops and Lectures

Monotype Printmaking Workshop
$60 per session (supplies included)
Monotype is a very direct, simple technique which uses an etching press to create original artwork. To create a monotype print, the artist paints printmaking ink directly onto a rectangular sheet of metal or plastic (the plate). Once the artist is pleased with the image and is ready to turn it into a print, they will use the printmaking press to transfer that image onto the paper. The results are exciting and surprising. You never know exactly how it will turn out!
Students may work with any imagery that interests them; still lifes, photos, and abstraction are all great ways to investigate the possibilities of monotype (please feel free to bring reference materials). As monotype is a quick type of printmaking, 2-3 pieces can easily be accomplished in a 3-hour session.
All supplies are included 
(three printmaking sheets per person, extra available for purchase).
Call us to RSVP:
(310) 451-5657
Uninstructed Life Drawing Workshop
Every Wednesday from 2-5pm and Thursday from 3-6pm when classes are in session
$15 per session
All are welcome to join, but space is limited, please reserve your spot by calling ahead.
Please call to reserve a spot at (310) 451-5657