Introducing Artist and Instructor Melissa Dyanne

Brentwood Art Center
Melissa received her MFA at the Pennsylvania Academy for Fine Arts and has exhibited in multiple galleries and cultural instiutions across the United States. She has also created digital backgrounds, storyboards and illustrated children's books.

"I create work that revolves around the concepts of time, memory, sense of self, place and fantasy. Many of my narratives stem from everyday life fused with how I imagine situations, places and people to be or how I remember them. I allow media to help 'complete  the  story' when I work, since painting and drawing has always been a very immediate and open process for me. I also use a variety of tools, from oil paint, acrylic and spray paint to mixed media collage, sculpture and film. I tend to look for what the art work needs, and complete it based on that information." 

"In Beginning to Intermediate painting, we start with delving into color, how it relates to value and how the "magic" of color separates painting from all other media. Working with various still life objects, students explore classic to contemporary painting techniques. We also study the works of a master artist of your choosing to assist in developing a personal painting series which is started at the end of the session. Oil, acrylic and mixed media techniques are explored. My main goal is to introduce each student to painting fundamentals while helping to guide them into finding their own, unique voice in their work." 

All artwork by Melissa Dyanne


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