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Faculty & Staff

David Schoffman
Figure Drawing Instructor

BFA, Rhode Island School of Design

Classifying life drawing instructor David Schoffman is like ordering lunch at Cantor's - there's way too many things on the menu and all of them are bad for you.

Painter, poet and professional provocateur, David was 'disrupting' long before the term collapsed under the inevitable duress of the real estate market. At the Brentwood Art Center he's best known for greasing the wheels of art college admission - his former students are scattered around the nation's best.

In L.A. he's something of a pedagogical legend. He's been on the faculty of the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, The California State Summer School for the Arts at CalArts and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Education Department. Currently, in addition to BAC he teaches at Ryman Arts at Otis, New Roads High School and the Paris College of Art.